one starts his life path by pushing the gas pedal to the floor. and everything goes quick - quicker than that he would have imagined and way more accelerated than his parents told him it can be. the start feels as an ungainly landing of a beginner paratrooper. however he lands, the legs are surely to step on safe ground, even if the head can still be in the plane, or forgotten by the door, back home.
the best part comes when the fellow tries to blend into the new setting, encountering both the expected and the unexpected, continuously spawning unfamiliar relations. in no time the man changes his previous behavior and promptly develops new roles.
there are new stages to be unlocked. he rises and falls, and he laughs and cries and what he is confident about is that in the end of any storm there is peace and maybe a rainbow to enjoy. and maybe it is the end, but very probable it is not. so, he stands up and he walks ahead. he walks fast; you would think he runs, but this is just the rhythm of the west.
spain, belgium and germany / 2018 - 2020