Three informative augmented reality experiences. The viewer can point their device with the “Artivive” app installed towards three images that trigger the video edits.

    Vending machine that distributes seven different drugs.

project description

Bijlmer is one of the neighbourhoods that form the Amsterdam-Zuidoost borough of Amsterdam. It was designed as a single project, part of a then innovative modernist approach to urban design, led by Siegfried Nassuth and his team. Following Suriname's independence in 1975, many of Surinamese people migrated to The Netherlands. The Dutch government placed a substantial number of them in 'affordable social housing' in the Bijlmer. The neighbourhood had a very high crime rate in the beginning because due to this segregation. Even if this rate has decreased dramatically in recent years, many people still see Bijlmer as a “bad neighbourhood”.

Materials: wood, metal springs, light bulb, photo and video collages; Amsterdam, 2018