The Z Benches pay homage to the iconic Zig Zag Chair by Gerrit Rietveld, reimagined and expanded to accommodate multiple individuals while embracing the principles of De Stijl with a contemporary twist.

My commitment to sustainable design shines through every aspect of the Z Benches. These meticulously crafted pieces are born from upcycled plywood, thoughtfully sourced from construction sites. By giving new life to reclaimed materials, I honor the principles of eco-consciousness and responsible design.

These benches were conceived as part of my graduation project. It's important to acknowledge the genius of Gerrit Rietveld, the original creator of the Zig Zag Chair.

Nowadays, the copyright for the original Zig Zag Chair belongs to Stichting Auteursrechten dr. G.Th. Rietveld, c/o Pictoright Amsterdam. As I share these benches with you, I do so in the context of my studies and my deep appreciation for Rietveld's groundbreaking design.

Recycled plywood, paint, 2K varnish; Amsterdam, 2023